Thursday, 14 September 2017

crystallization of milk Lab

         1.why do we add salt to the ice?
         - To keep the ice still cold and not melt
         2.why do we add the cookies and other things, only after the milk has                frozen slightly
         3.what are two factors that affect the freezing you think?
         - Ice and Salt
         4. why do you need a bit of air in the bag?

Free photo: Mappy Potter

Monday, 3 July 2017

A stone lab is about measuring stone's mass by putting in a water. 
first, we put water in beaker 400 ml then put the stone. How much that that water is more than 400, it is the stone's mass

  simple number             weight            volume            density
                                 7                             100                  245                 0.40816
                                 6                              50                   110.9              0.545085
                                 3                              45                   20.92              2.15105
                                 2                              50                   137.5              0.36363

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Science Lab

 It's about rock lab
It has many kinds and weight of rocks.
I have to find the density of rocks by calculating it.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The impact of society on the environment.

1.Acid rainThe effects of acid rain are most clearly seen in environments, such as rivers, lakes, and ocean where it can be harmful to fish and other wildlife. 
2.Oil spills When an oil slick from a large oil spill reaches the beach, the oil coats and clings to every rock and grain of sand. If the oil washes into coastal marshes, mangrove forests or other wetlands, fibrous plants and grasses absorb the oil, which can damage the plants and make the whole area unsuitable as wildlife habitat.
3.Air pollutions  Air pollution can harm us when it accumulates in the air in high enough concentrations. Millions of Americans live in areas where urban smog, particle pollution, and toxic pollutants pose serious health concerns.